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To strengthen families through social connections, education, and resources! 

We are a training collaborative with the mission to provide specialized training to care providers for children and youth. Care Provider populations eligible to receive training include Children and Family Services (CFS) employees, current or prospective resource parents, adoptive parents, relative guardians, and employees of a private child placing and child care agencies. 

Our Mission

We Believe:

To engage families and care providers using "We Believe" Statements. 

Safe at Home... We believe families can keep their children safe with support. and if they can’t...

Caregiving... We believe children should be cared for in a familiar, nurturing, and safe environment. and while they are in care...

Child’s Experience... We believe every child is entitled to thrive through stability, family connections, quality treatment, and a voice in planning.

Mother and a Child
Happy Dad


Parental Support for Reunification... We believe, through partnership and support, parents can grow and change in order to safely parent their children. and if the children cannot return home...


Permanency... We believe all children deserve a sense of belonging, and a permanent, unconditional commitment in a lifelong family.


 We invite and are happy to promote ALL training events in our county on our website.


Specific training information counting for required training hours and certificates =

Training must comply with the terms and conditions of Title IV (Grants to States for Aid and Services to Needy Families with Children and Child-Welfare Services) of the Social Security Act, Part E (Federal Payments for Foster Care and Adoption Assistance).


Please get in touch with the training agency directly about the hours or certificates provided for the sessions you are interested in attending. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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